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Work For At Home Week Beginning 22nd February

Hello from Miss Johnson (and Cosmos!)

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This week we are studying poetry! We haven't done any poetry yet this year so I am really excited to see some of your work from this week.


This week, we are going to go back to learning about Place Value, but this time we are going to look at numbers up to 50!  For each day there is a worksheet which has 3 different levels - Easy (Page 2), Medium (Page 3) and Hard (Page 4).  Please use the sheet which you feel best suits your child. In the Challenge box, there is an additional sheet for each day which is more about problems solving and explaining your thinking.  Feel free to use this if and when you like!



This week we are still learning about exclamations and using exclamation marks. Today's work will be looking at using exclamation marks for commands. A command is a sentence that tells someone to do something, for example, 'Put your pencil down!' Below you will find a PowerPoint that you can look through with some practise questions on. You could discuss these with someone in your family. We would then like you to complete the attached worksheet and answer the questions on it.


You do not need to complete all 3 worksheets. Choose your level of difficulty.

The red star with a D (for developing) = easiest

The blue start with an E (for expected) = medium

The orange star with a GD (for greater depth) = hardest


If you aren't sure which level to choose for your child then please email us and we can direct you to the correct level of worksheet for your child.




This half-term in Science we will be looking at Seasonal Change - how the weather and nature changes through the seasons.  


This week, we are looking at the changes that happen from Winter to Spring


Before half term, we learnt all about the toys that children played with during the Victorian era. This week, we are going to learn about working children in Victorian times. By the end of this lesson, you are going to be able to identify the different jobs in the pictures, and write a sentence about them. There is a word mat to help you if you need it. There is also some further information, should you wish to view it, on the website below.


Our big question for this half term is:

Should everyone follow Jesus?

Today we are going to be identifying leaders. We want you to name the leaders and explain what they do. On the worksheet, which you can find below, we would like you to think about these 3 questions:

  • Who was Jesus?
  • Who follows Jesus?
  • Why did they follow him?


We would also love it if you could think of and name another leader.

If you feel up to a challenge then you can also explain why you do or do not think these people are good leaders.



This half term in DT, we will be looking at bunting and eventually making our own flag to help Nursery children learn their numbers!  


This week we are evaluating bunting.  What do you like about the flags in the picture?  What could be better?  Does this give you ideas about what your flag will need to look like?  Complete the sheet, giving a score out of 10 for each set of bunting. 



PSHE - Health Hero

Today, you are going to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You are going to look at physical activity, rest, healthy eating and dental health. For your task, you are going to create a video instructing people in one of the areas you have learnt about today - such as how to do physical exercise. We would love to see your videos! Please send them to us.


Mrs Gordon thought it would be lovely if you could practise a song while you were at home with your family. You could even teach it to the rest of them - some of you are amazing at dancing too and you could make up a routine to go with it.  Our song is in the link below. 


I know how much some of you like singing and dancing so you could always record yourself singing and dancing to your favourite song and send it to us - we'd really like to see them!


On the sub-pages below you will find coding lessons. We would love to see what you are doing in coding, so please share it with us via email.


It's important to try and stay fit and healthy, especially when the weather isn't very nice and we can't go outside! Click on the stars below for some activiites you can do.