It has been wonderful to see you all back. Thank you for continuing to follow the guidance and help keep us all as safe as possible.

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Work For At Home Week Beginning 4th January

Happy New Year!  This wasn't what we expected and we miss seeing you all in school, but we're looking forward to seeing all the amazing work that you complete at home.  Please email anything you want us to see to your class teacher and we promise we will send you an email back laugh


Here you can find work for each subject that you can complete at home.  We've tried to include a mixture of videos, games and activities but if there is something else you want to do, feel free!  Dip in and out of the resources as you like, but English and Maths should be worked through starting with the first item / topic in the list.  The Maths videos all have a worksheet connected to the topic.  




This term in Science, we are going to be looking at materials.  


This week I'd like you to name the different materials you can find in your house.  If you family allow, you could attach a label to them to say what they are!  For example, where I am sitting now I can see metal, glass, wood, plastic, fabric and paper.  Are there any other materials in your home?



This term in Art, we are going to be learning about L.S. Lowry.  


Watch the video clip about Lowry and have a look at some of his paintings.  Then chose one of the paintings from the photo pack and using a magnifying glass or zoom, pretend that you are inside one of the paintings!  Use the activity sheet to record the following



Mrs Gordon thought it would be lovely if you could practise a song while you were at home with your family. You could even teach it to the rest of them - some of you are amazing at dancing too and you could make up a routine to go with it.  Our song is in the link below. 


I know how much some of you like singing and dancing so you could always record yourself singing and dancing to your favourite song and send it to us - we'd really like to see them!




It's important to try and stay fit and healthy, especially when the weather isn't very nice and we can't go outside!