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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Storm Eunice Day - 18.02.22


Mrs Daly - Reasoning and problem solving based on the fractions we have discussed so far.

Mrs Birch/Miss Stokes - Reasoning and problem solving based on fractions (consolidation).



Please use the planning sheet to plan a non-chronological report about an animal of your choice! You could do some research online or read a book about them. Think back to your learning at school over the last week. What are the key features of a non-chronological report? Once you are finished, use the report template to write your report up in neat! 

Art: We have been practising our sketching techniques, taking inspiration from the nature found in our local environment. Please use the sheet to sketch what you can see outside of a window. Think about the particular techniques you have come across such as: dotting, hatching/cross-hatching, shading and most recently; perspective! 


Topic: The topic we've covered this half term is 'Location, Location, Location'. We have compared the UK to Brazil recently and wrote a non-chronological report about Brazil in English. Please complete the reading comprehension activity all about rainforests for your Topic work today. 

Cultural Diversity Activity

Since we were supposed to be celebrating Cultural Diversity day at school today, we'd still like you to have the chance to celebrate your culture from the comfort of your own home! Maybe you could dress up in a cultural outfit, dance to different kinds of music, or perhaps you'd like to help your family at home to cook/bake something of cultural significance to you? We'd love to see some photographs! Attached is also an activity called 'My Family Traditions' for you to complete. 

Year 2 Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Autumn Term Homework Grid

SPAG glossary and support

Target Tracker Expectations (Learning expectations for the whole of the year)