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200th Anniversary

200th Anniversary of SMFR

We all had a brilliant day celebrating the Jubilee and the 200th Anniversary of SMFR.  Thank you all so much for dressing in such brilliant costumes to celebrate the day and providing the children with some really delicious ‘special lunches’ The work, photos and letters added to our time capsule were great and it will be a real treat for someone to open in 70 years’ time! The poetry and art competitions held really shared what amazing talent we have at SMFR.  There were lots of amazing entries and it was a very difficult decision to choose the winners.

The original school in Farnham Royal was located on the main road through the village, almost opposite the Duke’s Head and was built in 1821. This served as the school for the children of the village up until 1875 when the building of the present school in Church Road was completed.  Diaries written by previous teachers and head teachers still remain in the school office and it is fascinating to read about the incidents that affected the school over the past few centuries.

The records show that the Rector attended school very regularly to teach scriptures to the children.  Scripture was a dominant subject. Lessons taught were recorded and songs and poems learned were also of great importance.  The social and economic problems of the time are also reflected in the records; the Shoe Club to help the poor, payment of fees to attend school, the gathering in of the harvest, the acute food shortage in 1917 and national pride in such events at Empire Day and the end of the First and Second World Wars

Look out for more information in the Slough Observer and Express.