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To ensure all children FLOURISH, Curriculm Maestro  is the system that SMFR teachers use to track the progress & attainment children in Year 1-6. Teachers use this continuously and report results to the Headteacher & Governors 3 times a year with ongoing conversations to Senior Leaders daily based on ongoing assessment of the children at SMFR. 

Children from Year 2 will take three assessments over the course of the year, one per term. These assessments will ascertain how well the children are flourishing within their, reading, maths, spelling and grammar. Writing is assessed by teachers on an ongoing basis and support is given to them as and when they need in it the moment. As a school, all adults mark in the moment and provide instant feedback to all children in their class. This allows children to know what they need to work on. 

The school reports to parents three times a year, at parents evenings you will receive your child's targets based on our Cornerstones assessment and ongoing evidence in books. This gives parents the opportunity to understand where their child is currently working at and what they can do to support at home.  


How can you help?

  • Be aware that the curriculum is about breadth, depth and mastery too. Not moving to the next area of learning. 
  • Support school by working with your child at home.
  • Be aware of  expectations – See 'Curriculum By Year Group' tabs on our 'Curriculum' page