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Nursery - Preparing your child for september

It’s easy to think that getting your child ready for school is all about ABC’s and 123’s but actually there are some far more important skills that your child should be learning to be ready for school.

Please use this checklist to encourage your child to be ready for Nursery school in September.

  • Try to share toys.
  • Try to take turns with other children.
  • Be able to put on their own coat and shoes.
  • Going to the toilet, asking for help if they need it.
  • Knowing the need to wash their hands.
  • Know at least 5 nursery rhymes.
  • Making marks with pens.
  • Identifying some environmental sounds.
  • Strengthening hands through finger gym.
  • Joining in with number songs.
  • Counting to 5.
  • Recognising simple shapes.