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Parent Survey 2023

We also asked parents 'What does the school do well?'

  • Make children feel comfortable and want to be at school
  • School feels like a family
  • Encourage the children to do their best, dealing with concerns quickly and efficiently
  • Great communication. Very friendly and approachable staff. My child is very happy and smiling every day.
  • Communication with my child’s teacher is good. My daughter has come a long way since starting here.
  • Everything! I had a very shy little girl before she started here. Now she is confident.  I love how the teachers greet the children in the morning and afternoon at the school gates.
  • The school helps and supports not only the children but families too. They are always approachable and will offer to help however they can. The children love going to school and that makes us very happy.
  • Excellent communication with parents and great support for those who need help.
  • Family ethos and caring. Look after the family as a whole. High standards in learning with encouragement and positivity.
  • The school is fun which I think is a big factor and all the teachers are helpful and kind. I am glad I chose this school for my child.
  • They put the children first. Staff listen to parents.
  • A sense of community and mutual respect.
  • The school really promote and implement their ethos and have a good standard of teaching providing a high level of education.
  • Go the extra mile for each of the children.
  • As far as I can see there are no faults with the school. In my opinion this is a very good school.
  • The staff are really friendly. They nurture and support.
  • The school is made up of so many different backgrounds and everyone is helped.  It is so nice to be part of this community where everyone from all backgrounds can be together in the St Mary’s Community.
  • Welcome and supportive atmosphere. Teachers are caring and encouraging.
  • We are extremely proud our children are in your school. You all do a great job. There is good teaching and great support, developing how they learn